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Seichim (from the Egyptian word Sekhem) translates into English as,

"The Power of Powers".  


Like Reiki, Seichim is an ancient and sacred advanced form of hands on healing.

This experience is supportive and gentle for the body, mind and spirit.

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If you have received a session of Reiki/Seichim before and are interested in learning how to build your own reiki self-care routine please enrol in our affordable course.


I highly recommend taking the course as a way to increase your sensitivity to feeling and intuition and to encourage loving kindness for Self and others.


Each day for twelve days you will be forwarded an energetic symbol. You will be given directions on what this symbol means, how to write the symbol and use the symbol where this could be used to support yourself, a situation or someone else.

There is some suggestions for practical ways to reinforce your knowledge and how to build your competency and ability to use these symbols successfully. This is the first of several other courses that build on energy healing systems.

"I have found my purpose and am now sharing this beautiful healing with others. 

Seichim has opened a door for me that had been closed for too long. 

Your teaching and care has made it possible for me to live what I love."

- A

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