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Kinesiology utilises a technique commonly known as “muscle monitoring”.

During a treatment a muscles response can indicate factors blocking information flow and take the form of verbal content, structural imbalance, nutritional imbalance, energetic imbalance, psycho-emotional imbalance and even spiritual imbalance.

Subconscious stressors within the body can become observable and from this place and an individual can engage choices to harmonise this stress.


Treatments often entail a journey into the inner landscapes of their human experience and can align an individual to a stronger sense of self-awareness.


Most people feel good after a treatment and use kinesiology for personal development and become more response-abled in their healing journeys.


Sessions can have a profound effect and consequently you may create real changes in your approach to living.

What kinesiology can help with 




Self Esteem & Motivation

Psychosomatic Issues

Goal Enhancement & Prosperity

Spiritual Connection

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